Mein Einkaufswagen


Nia Delfau

AD & Photography ‘Small poetic tableaux and subtle colour stories’
Barcelona, 2020

 Tell us a little about your creative career. What are you doing now?

I am an art director, photographer and graphic designer. For years, I have worked in different design studios in Barcelona.

The last study I have worked on was a children's fashion brand ‘The Animals Observatory.’ Then the opportunity arose to be Osamu Yokonami’s assistant and I decided to go to Japan for a few months. When I got back from this trip, I really wanted to live close to nature and I came to live in the Empordá.

Currently, from here, I am creating content, making photographs and art for brands such as 'The NudeLabel', 'Mamita Botanical', 'Rowse' and more. 
On the other hand, I am writing and editing a book with a publisher in Barcelona, the diary of my stay in Tokyo, I’m very excited.
And working on the launch of my first collection of ‘Delfau’ scarves. This collection is a reflection, observation of the flower patterns.