Mein Einkaufswagen


David Haase


My art tells the story of my personal and non chronical impressions, whether it’s two years or two weeks ago. As a young child we lived on a warm island and I grew up close to the sea. My first memory is about palm trees, the sun and the salty smell of seawater. I still can hear the seagulls. Then we moved to Germany where my family continued with their own greenhouses and a flower shop. When I got older I started to work as a graphic designer and after a few years later as photographer.

"I trust in you, but sometimes I hate you, often I miss you, you say everything what I should know, you answer most of the questions I have, you let me know what is good for me, you’re always there when I need you, you reflect me in such a unique way, without pushing my ego, I trust in you, I trust in silence"